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Yamaha SK30

“This Yamaha SK30 Does function, but due to age and limited testing it is sold for parts and repair.
Physically it is in excellent shape for a 40+ year old electronic keyboard.
Everything is intact. It turns on, you can play Strings, PolySynth, Organ and the Solo Synth.
The Solo Synth has a brand new LFO IC Chip.
The Aftertouch Keyboard is functional.. Vibrato, Brilliance, Modulation is all active.

Just about every feature has been confirmed working. Only the Mixed, Solo and Headphone outputs have been tested for output.
I do not have a Leslie Speaker to test the Leslie output nor do I have any Bass Pedals or any Volume/Stomp pedals to test those functions either.
The lowest note key to the far left does not appear to be working, all other keys work.
You can be assured the keyboard works, but it may need further restorative work such as cap replacements or other overhaul work to restore this to it’s full glory.

I bought this to restore but I have run out of time and room to continue to do so.
I will not ship this. It is too large, heavy and delicate to risk paying a large amount of shipping to only end up having something go wrong and either get a box of splinters back or be out the cost of shipping it twice and it still not being sold.”
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