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Yamaha DX7 II FD

” Yamaha DX7iiFD FM Synthesizer W/Floppy Disk Drive – Donner Gig Bag and Stand.

The 80’s Classic, improved. This was Yamaha’s improved version of their smash hit DX7 synth used on countless 80’s recordings. This particular model is from 1987 and was the last iteration of it before Yamaha moved on to developing their next line of synthesizers.

This synth excels at eighties sounds, and creates spectacular sound effects too. It sounds simply gorgeous, especially with it’s native detuning and a chorus pedal. One perk this model has over the earlier ones is the proper pushbuttons as opposed to membrane buttons (which I detest). However, this synth could use a cleaning as some of the buttons need to be quite firmly pressed. It’s also missing a rubber foot.

The keyboard action is buttery and built like a tank. I’ve been told it’s worth getting just for the keyboard alone. Smooth and responsive. All the keys work.

This synth has a reputation of being obtuse to program, and some of that is deserved. However if you are willing to sit down and study the manual a bit, it will show you that it’s readily capable of so much more than clichéd eighties sounds. One important note is that for patch saving you will need to disable the memory protect for the patch you are working on. This and saving patches takes some figuring out at first, but it’s worth the trouble. There are so many alien sounds to discover on this slice of history.” Click here to visit listing on eBay