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Yamaha DX21

“Yamaha DX-21 digital synthesizer in good condition. Keyboard has been tested and all basic features & sounds are working properly. Synth dates to the mid to late ’80s. No dead keys. All buttons/switches/controls are functioning. Pitch bend and modulator wheels both work well. Display is clear and working. I did not test any of the more advanced features (memory/etc) but I guarantee those features to work properly. Slider controls operate smoothly with no distortion. Keys are all responsive-no sticky keys. Cosmetically, instrument looks good overall but does have some surface wear. There are some scattered spots of minor surface rust on top cabinet panel. The rust spots are no bigger than an 1/8″ in dia and the rust is very superficial. Rear panel of synth is fully intact. The large Yamaha logo on rear panel has some faint blue paint overspray on it. Power cord is intact and in good condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay