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Yamaha CX5M

“I am original owner, purchased 1984 when it first came out. I then purchased the SG05 upgraded module installed as shown (Original SFG01 module also IS INCLUDED! ) giving extra features and MIDI in capabilities, and eliminating the need for the YK series keyboards!

I used the included COMPOSER cartridge to create complex multitimbral songs, and some monster real time jams…then after a little over a year of light usage, I put it in storage.

I am moving soon, and cannot take a bunch of my vintage gear with me so I hope someone will enjoy this clean, very well preserved kit.

PLEASE NOTE ! INCLUDED is the original SFG01 Module (easily swapped with only one screw) as shown in the last picture (SFG01 module is not shown in Main Photo) : IT will give you an (upgradable) spare module.

This 4 operator module is capable of truly amazing FM sounds, in addition to being an early beast of Konami video games and graphics, (which I never used it for that) but there are still

incredible 3rd party patch data available to this day, if you dig a little..or, for the adventurous, program your own with INCLUDED Voice Editor.

I very carefully have had it in dry closet storage nearly 40 years now, in case I needed it again… I TESTED it via external MIDI keyboard, utilizing the “call_music” command. and it still functions perfectly playing the tones ( Japanese Yamaha 80’s build spells quality)

The original video RF video adapter is included, as well as the cassette tape interface cable, which I have not tested , but worked fine last time I used them (requires cassette deck and/or TV/ monitor capabilities)

I am not an MSX Basic programmer perse, but a valuable extra included is the MSX programming book I purchased as well… as shown.

At 1984 , I simply could not believe how cool this MUSIC COMPUTER was, and actually still is ! If you can write music, the included COMPOSER software, can take you in interesting directions as well.

In addition to tape backup, which was very reliable for me,and all I used, there were other backup drives available, which may still be obtainable, but I think other storage/load data methods may be more efficient…sysex mabe ? I think there are some utilities available for this function….at least there used to be !

Keep in mind, the SFGO5 can do up to 8 part mutitimbral, and combinations of that, and accepts MIDI in, unlike SFG01.

Manuals (4) show some minor wear, but are all intact, except FM Voicing Prrogram has back cover page missing (superfluous) , and COMPOSER manual has back cover missing and 1st two pages missing only. MSX book is in excellent condition .” Click here to visit listing on eBay