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Korg Polysix

“The Korg Polysix is an all-time classic, highly-sought after analog synthesizer. This unit is clean and in great condition, with no broken or missing keys or buttons. It does power on – however, it suffers from the same problem that nearly every Polysix was affected by, which is that the battery on the KLM-367A board leaked and damaged nearby traces and components. This synthesizer did function when I first acquired it in the early 2000s. However, at some point the battery issue did cause it to cease working properly.

Repair was attempted on this synth: The leaky battery was removed and a new battery as well as IC chip and socket were installed. However, that didn’t solve the problem. Someone knowledgable about this issue should be able to repair this keyboard, or install a new KLM-367A board and have themselves a wonderful vintage analog synth.”
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