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Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

“This item is being listed as non-working/for parts simply because some of the pads are not as responsive as they should be (most notably the RIM pad & the # 6, 8, 9 & left arrow on the number pads. However, you can still get around and create within this machine with ease.

I am not by any means an expert in these machines but having owned an E-MU SP 1200 (the pads are similar) possibly the pads may just need to have the contacts cleaned. This machine fires up without any issues. All the outputs are working properly and sounds amazing. The faceplate has a few blemishes but still shows rather nicely. This is your chance to own a legendary piece of equipment in which was used on timeless classic recordings by Prince, Freddie Fresh, Orbital and many others.” Click here to visit listing on eBay