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Roland TR-909 Project Machine

“video explains a lot or ask me for video link of the same video on the listing this is a classic Roland tr 909 personally I think it sounds amazing in person, its hard to tell how good it is from videos, ill describe the problems first, the snare has had a history of dropping out the sound were the sound will get quieter or even glitchy it is not very frequent but has happened you might notice it within 30 minutes of using the synth, the toms tend to change tune by themselves, if I remember correctly a couple of the pots are scratchy but not most I don’t like to change my settings because I believe I found a sweet spot for most of the sounds, also the square led buttons more specifically the track write and pattern play buttons don’t work that good or at all sometimes they take multiple presses or don’t respond at all, luckily the buttons work to make a pattern and even change between midi in and out work, I want to mention the sound this synth sounds amazing, all the knobs except the hi hat level knob properly work and effect the instrument sounds, the instrument select button and shift button work but may take a couple presses that whole section of 6 buttons are like that but work much better than the top buttons, all the instrument buttons work, stop and start work, tempo button does work, tempo change button works, cartridge enter button untested, master volume works, accents work to make the sound louder or more profound, you can make sequences, saving sequences is an untested functionality, midi works in and out there is no through, so midi has to be received or given cannot do both at the same time, outputs sound great, the bass drum singular output has a very small ring to it that is extremely quiet but it exists this problem is known to have happened with other units, it is constant, left and right master outputs have noise, this machine seems to be good with all individual outputs as far as noise and function, I have not tested the sync in or tape functionality, I imagine in time more things will start to lose functionality so it is in need of repair pretty soon, the overall physical condition is very good, I will include a dust cover, missing two feet on bottom nearest to the sequencer side, has battery cover on bottom power cable seems to be third party, not original owner, turns on :D, I have never opened this machine up and I don’t think previous owner did either, they seemed to have stored it for a long time, do your research please watch the video and honestly this is a great machine but there are other great analog drum machines out there, but it does have that iconic sound, buy synths wisely please, will safely ship thank you”
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