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Roland TR-909

“If you are looking for a vintage Roland TR-909 that works excellently and you will be able to depend on to function for years to come, you should consider this guy.

It has been serviced by a professional competent tech and all features and functions work great. The knobs move smoothly and quietly, all outputs work, every function has been tested and it is ready to make tracks.

It is in good cosmetic condition with some minor cosmetic defects. It has a few light scratches, scuffs, and indentions here and there.

It has some very mild wear along the front edge in one spot where the paint reacted with the black rubber of a keyboard stand (not noticeable), some mild wear to the plastic ends, but this machine still looks sharp.

It comes with it’s original, printed in Japan, manual and the correct cartridge. It also includes it’s original two prong power cable.

The battery compartment is acid corrosion free. I replaced the double A battery holder and foam during it’s last servicing.

This has the version one EPROM and is a pretty early machine serial number 382,026. I have never had a midi timing issue. Replacing the EPROM to upgrade to version 4 is major surgery since it is not a socketed EPROM so I never bothered. Something to think about is the majority of tunes that made the 909 famous were done with version 1 and 2 EPROMS. This was my reasoning for not upgrading. Another mystery to me is the serial number system of the 909. I have NEVER in all my life (I am old) seen one with a serial number below 381,500. Either way this 909 functions and sounds GREAT. I could listen to the kick from this machine all day long. ”
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