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Roland TR-909

“This TR-909 unit was once owned by Skinny Puppy and, previous to that, the one and only Kraftwerk. Considering the enduring influence of both of these groups, it really deserves to be in a museum. It’s been in my possession since 1994 and has never been outside of the studio. While I would love to keep it around for trusty grooves (and as a conversation piece), my interests have changed. It should be in the hands of someone more dedicated to the keeping the techno mojo flowing.

It’s in top shape except for one technical issue: the internal memory has stopped working. A technician traced the problem to a faulty CMOS chip, the repair of which would be relatively straight-forward. In the meantime, patterns can easily be saved to a cartridge (such as the M-16C or M-64C), if need be. In any case, I’m building up beats live most of the time and consider this the quintessential mode — see Jeff Mills ‘Exhibitionist’.

Voltage is currently set for 120V. This can be changed internally to 220V or 110V by switching taps on the internal power transformer. Comes with owner’s manual and annotated service manual in a hard binder. Shipping will be insured and the unit will be double boxed.” Click here to search for synths on eBay