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Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

“We confirmed that the power was turned on. We confirmed the operation in basic use. When the sound from an external synthesizer sound source was input to the instrument input and the vocal sound was input from the microphone input, the vocoder-modulated sound was output. There was a buzzing at the volume and balance knobs. There are no major problems with the sound quality of the output audio. When the main unit is moved, there is a “cara-cara-cara” sound of small objects rolling around from inside the unit. There is no major problem in normal use as a vocoder. Other functions other than the above have not been tested. Appearance of the product] (See photos.) There are many paint peels, rusts, and stains on various parts of the exterior of the main unit. The appearance of the main unit is not good. The caps of the voice character knobs (3) and (9) have fallen off and are missing. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay