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Roland JD-800

“This is a great keyboard. Modern classic. A lot sounds on this came from Eric Persing, known for his sample CD collections & programming work.

This particular JD800 has seen a lot of action.

The good — all the keyboard keys work and feel great, as does the pitch bend wheel. The screen is bright and easy to read. The sound outputs all sound clean. The bank number buttons make it easy to go through the great sounding presets. Yes, it is playable as-is.

If you’re looking for a JD-800 much cheaper than all the others to plug in and play the bank number presets, you’ve found it.

The not as good — this synth is older and has seen a lot of use. It shows a fair amount of cosmetic wear and tear. I would recommend the next owner take it to a tech for a tune up (including going through the keyboard and cleaning or replacing the faders and some of the buttons).

Yes, all the faders respond / change their specific parameter when you use them, but they are “jumpy” / do not respond as they should. Because of this I do not consider the instrument 100% functional so am selling it as-is for parts or repair, no returns.” Click here to search for synths on eBay