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Roland D-550

“Roland D550 19″ Rack mount version of the legendary Roland D50 Linear Synthesizer from the late 80s. Combining real samples of the attack portion of sounds with synthesized sustaining portions, this synthesizer can be heard all over classic tracks of the time. Although it is 16 voice most sounds combine 2 of these (partials in Roland speak) which translates to 8 voice polyphony. It also features a basic EQ, chorus and reverb effects.

This example is in used but in good condition for its age. It has been rack mounted in a studio its whole life. There are a few minor scratches but no dings or dents. It has just been serviced and all is working as it should. The 3v lithium battery has been changed.

Included in the sale:

D550 Rackmount module
PN D50-00 patch card
PN D50-01 patch card” Click here to search for synths on eBay