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Oberheim OB-8

“This is an early model Oberheim OB-8 analog synthesizer and does not have factory MIDI. The unit is in excellent functional shape. It has a small dent in the rear of the unit shown in the photos. I’ve never had any issues with the presence of this dent. I purchased the unit with this issue and the previous seller did not have issues either. I have replaced the entire keybed with new contacts and thoroughly cleaned the unit. The volume knob sometimes has a slightly scratchiness only while turning when not in use for a while which is normal for its age. All buttons and knobs work as far as I can tell. It has all the original patches as far as I know. There is nothing like the sound of an OB-8! I have purchased many newer analog synthesizers and just don’t have room for this monster. It has a lovely warm 80’s sound! I “Do Not Ship Internationally” and only ship to the lower 48 states, Please No Inquiries. The unit is being shipped “As Is” because of its age. The unit has many internal boards that have not been removed so it should be fine to ship.” Click here to search for synths on eBay