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Oberheim Matrix 12 Project Machine

“Up for auction is a vintage Oberheim Matrix 12 synthesizer. Unit has a few bumps, marks, and scrapes cosmetically, and one key is broken. Functionally I have provided two links to videos below to demonstrate that the synthesizer powers up and all keys and controls function, however it does not operate correctly. My original plan was to get this instrument properly serviced and have any issues repaired, however I have found no one in my area worthy of the task. Therefore, instead of paying to ship the unit back and forth to a proper technician, I am offering it as is, just to test the waters. The tuning sometimes passes and sometimes fails but usually fails across the board. Occasionally, as demonstrated in the videos, I can get some functionality out of the default patch upon startup, but usually just garbage sounds. From my research the issue could be as simple as replacing the power cable input, which I will do if this auction ends without a sale, as the part is available and inexpensive. I am aware my opening price is high, but there is no reserve. The question is, how bad do YOU want what has been called by many the baddest analog synthesizer ever made?! This one is available and ready for you to refresh and make your own 🙂 ” Click here to search for synths on eBay