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Moog Source

“Moog The Source (1981-1985) Synthesizer.

Anyone that is searching for this synth likely knows what it is capable of. If not, look it up on Wikipedia or in the moog archives. It’s the real deal.

This is a fantastic synth, one of a kind, and in impeccable condition. Everything is functional, to my knowledge. It spent most of its life on a shelf in an audio recording studio (owned by a friend of a friend) in Cleveland, Ohio, and was largely unused. It was used in a live performance by the FiveOne Experimental Orchestra in Cleveland around 2016. Beyond this, I know little of its history. I have owned it for about 7-8 years of its 40-year life. This is a rare find in general, but especially in this condition.

There is really nothing wrong with it beyond the (very) minor blemishes that can be seen in the photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay