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Moog Sonic Six

“Own a piece of history – the Moog Sonic 6 – and also my first ever synthesizer! It comes in its own suitcase with a power cord and the original manual. As noted in the condition description, this synth has multiple issues. Most importantly, the keys, particularly in the higher registers, do not consistently trigger the sound. The video demos some sound generation and also the key tracking glitches. Also note that the pitch isn’t steady after a while, noticeable when you use both oscillators, which you will most of the time.

Lots of knobs and sliders to twiddle with, sculpting the sound. Truly an OG experience.

It does have an external input that can be connected with the ring modulator for cool distortion effects. I used to run my Wurlitzer electric piano through there.” Click here to visit listing on eBay