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Moog Sonic Six

“Vintage classic Moog Sonic Six analog synthesizer from the early 1970s. Serial number # 2110.

Awesome, powerful original Moog analog sound from their golden era, with lots of cool functions and modulations.

All the functions work well on it and it sound great. Only thing it needs is keyboard-tracking regulation- that is, adjust a few internal calibration trimpots with a small screwdriver, to play perfectly in tune as you go up and down the keyboard. Directions freely available on the Sonic Six technical service manual pdf available online (right now the keyboard tunes a bit “higher” in pitch, that is it goes up in pitch more than 1v per octave that it needs – but again, other than that all the functions work great on it).

(Also since this is vintage, a couple of keys might double-trigger here and there if you don’t use the synth for a long time, but they do clear right up after you play them a couple of time and thus exercise the keyboard contacts. Again a common vintage synth thing. )” Click here to visit listing on eBay