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Moog Sonic Six

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SONIC SIX, a duophonic analog synthesizer sold by moog from 1972 to 1979.

This model was released as a model for school education, and its biggest feature is its trunk-shaped chassis. The top part contains the synthesizer and the bottom part contains the keyboard.
Speakers are also built in, and the sound can be played by opening the lid and connecting the power supply.

Originally designed as an educational model, it is more like a voice synthesizer/oscillator than a keyboard, requiring a knack for sound creation. It has two modulation systems and a ring modulator, and can be used for duophonic or two-note polyphony, which is rare for MOOG. Of course, it also has outputs, and if you connect it to a high-quality speaker, it can reproduce the strong bass sound characteristic of analog synthesizers.

It has been maintained by a specialist.
Glissando knob has been replaced. There are repair marks on other knobs.

Item rank: B: Fairly scratched and used, but no problems in normal use.
Other accessories:AC cable
Remarks:Other accessories are only those shown in the picture.”
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