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Moog Polymoog

“So here we are then; one of my prized possessions going up for sale. Health matters force sale.

I knew Anthony Marchese’ cousin and when this Polymoog prototype was passed on to me. This Polymoog badged ‘PolyPreset’ was created when Norlin wanted a preset Polymoog built (280a)

Anthony was in charge of the logic at Moog at the time and was his job to program the presets. This was the first incarnation of what was to become the Polymoog 280a.

It is filled with breadboard-style wiring and was handcrafted by both Anthony & Dave Luce in the Moog factory in Buffalo NY not far from Anthony’s home.

A real piece of Moog history. Anthony was very proud of this machine so much that he dedicated it to his late wife with a silver nameplate which can be found on the back.

You also get with the machine Anthony’s pair of PolyPedals in their original Moog box! The pedals were used to test the various presets built on this prototype.

As I really cannot price this piece I’ve started the bidding with no reserve and also for the fact that the machine does not power up at present. I’m told by a tech it’s more than likely the old caps in the PSU causing this. It worked for about 4 of the 5 years it was in my possession. The keys are almost like new and they play well without any clunking which is rare in itself! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay