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Moog Polymoog

” For a 45 year old synth, I would have to say it is in near museum condition on the exterior. There are very few scratches and dings, obviously well taken care of by previous owner(s). Does NOT show the regular signs of gigging (beat to crap). All keys are straight and flat and none are sticking. All knobs are intact and all sliders seem to work correctly with appropriate resistance to movement. Comes with the (optional) rare 285A Polypedal which is also in extremely nice condition. That being said, I have NOT plugged this unit in nor tested it, so I am in no way guaranteeing or warranting the correct operation beyond the exterior condition (which is very nice). It’s possible that you will plug this unit in and it will work fine, but it is also more than likely going to need some internal contact cleaning, tuning and even a possible overhaul. Unfortunately, I do not have the legs or power cord, so they are not included. I have not opened the unit’s cover.” Click here to search for synths on eBay