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LinnDrum LM-2

“For your consideration, we have a serviced LinnDrum LM-2 that includes the midi upgrade, installed by J.L. Cooper. The unit comes from a private studio of a colleague of ours who uséd in on many recordings. It had not been uséd for some time, so we did a deep clean on the unit, and then ran the unit. It worked, but there were some sounds that were not working, and some of the pots and faders needed cleaning. So, first off we checked all pots and faders, and serviced them. All socketed chip contacts were cleaned. As mentioned, there were several sounds not working, which we traced to faulty microchip U87. We installed a socket and new chip, which solved the issues. The unit’s power supply was fully recapped, and a new battery tray with rechargeable batteries were installed on the auxiliary board. The original side panels showed some wear, so we fabricated new ones. The unit is now fully functional again, and needs to be put to work by the next owner.

The unit has 11 Zif quick-change adapters installed on the board sockets to facilitate swapping eProm sound chips for the following sounds:

Conga 1, Conga 2, Tom 1, Tom 2, Sidestick, Snare, Tambourine, Cabasa, Claps, Cowbell, and Bass

Physically the unit is in very good condition for its age. There are some light scratches on top, and some spots and blemishes, but no dents or signs of abuse. Overall the unit presents itself very well. See pictures for further details on the inside, and outside of the unit.

We don’t have the original box for this unit, but we take packaging and shipping seriously. We spare no expense and use heavy duty boxes, several inches of polyethylene foam on all sides of the unit, and use water activated, fiber reinforced tape on all seams.” Click here to visit listing on eBay