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CMS Discreet Synthesizers Module 1004 Pearlman Oscillator

” I am selling my CMS ARP 2500 clone module of the 1004 Pearlman Oscillator. Alan Pearlman designed the 1004 in 1969. This is a high quality reproduction by CMS.

High quality construction and top shelf components, Switchcraft jacks, Alps attenuators.

CMS engineering used in many professional studios in the USA and Europe.

Main frequency control pot features an extra large geometry “virtual infinite resolution” potentiometer for accurate control of frequency.

Integrated T-Mixer section has also been accurately reproduced to facilitate unusual waveforms.

3 control voltage inputs. 1 fixed at 1v per octave and 2 more with attenuators.

1 Pulse Width Modulation input with attenuator.

Easy to understand flowchart front panel graphics facilitate operation.

The brushed aluminum front panel is made of a special material that has the image impregnated into the aluminum surface. It will not fade over time or wear off from finger action.

This is the first version of the 1004 made by CMS. It has been used sparingly inside a studio and mostly kept in its box. It sells on the CMS site for $729.00 but I am pricing it to move. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay