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Korg M500 Project Machine

“Works “partially” – some of the sounds are weak. Some don’t seem to work at all, and some work after the unit has warmed up. Here is a list:
2′. Violin, Recorder, Whistle WORK!
4′. Violin 2, Flute, Soprano WORK
8′. (no sounds work)
16′. (no sounds work)
32′ (no sounds work)

Both outputs work!

One of the levers broke off, and one of the keys is chipped. All keys work though. See pics for the damage.

Just opened it up, to see if the reason some sounds don’t work was apparent. I don’t see any bulged capacitors or anything easily identified. Looks to me like this has NEVER been serviced. Someone with electronic skills could fix this right up… ”
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