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Korg M1

“I’ve had this for 10 years or so. As far as I know, everything works: I’ve loaded presets to/from the computer and used the card slots (no cards included). I am not a professional musician/producer, but I’ve some experience with synths, and I have edited presets from scratch on this.

Two minor (removeable) additions:

The index card taped over the button pad just helped me to program faster, so I didn’t have to refer to the manual so much. Obviously removeable. The “CD Wheel” was my method for getting another modulation source into the machine. I did not have a KORG pedal, which would need a LOGARITHMIC pot to scale properly. I used a couple of pedals with it (M-Audio/Yamaha FC-7), but the response was less than linear. I adapted a LOG pot to my FC-7 and it worked great, but looks like shit so I won’t even show you that. But, since I had two log pots, I put one on top. When plugged into “Ass. Pedal” 1 or 2 (no kidding!), it becomes a high resolution data entry wheel. Can be assigned to Filter Cutoff, Release, whatever. It IS COMPLETELY REMOVEABLE, just stuck on with foam tape. But you might want to try it first. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay