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Korg M1

“Korg M1 wavetable synthesizer keyboard. Up for sale is a Korg M1 synthesizer keyboard. The unit will need some restoration work however it is still in playable condition. The middle E flat key needs to have a spring replaced and some of the presets don’t seem to align properly. I was able to toggle through up to 50 preinstalled presets and access almost all the sounds but some of them such as no. 7 (harp) was not accessible and a couple of the others seemed mismatched i.e. the preset no.17 was labeled as chorale but seemed closer to the organ sound made famous by Crystal Waters “Gypsy Woman”. Also several months ago the synh was experiencing some clipping sounds if the volume was turned up too high or if I progressed through the presets too quickly. Thankfully this has seemed to stop but I wanted to make mention of it. The joystick is in good functioning condition. The edit and demo mode also seem to be working as should. I’m not intimately familiar with this synth so haven’t done extensive testing so their could be something else going on that I didn’t catch.” Click here to visit listing on eBay