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Crumar Performer Project Machine

“Selling my Crumar Synth. This synth was running fine five years ago. It was put into storage and when it came out was not working. It powers up but some times shuts down.

Not playing. Seems to only be emitting sound from the Signal jack. It makes a crackling sound with some semblance of notes when playing.
I’m not too well versed in electronics, musical instruments or synthesizers, so please excuse me.  I took it to an electrical engineering friend of mine a few months ago and he seems to think it’s an issue with the power source.
Looks clean inside. Boards look good with no sign of burning. Wires still intact with no wear and nicely organized.

SURFACE: Seven of the top sliders are missing their caps. (they are currently being reproduced and can be purchased on Ebay)
Two of the sliders that are missing their cap are also split but can still be toggled and can likely still be fitted with a cap if wanted.
Slight corrosion to the outer metal casing but not too bad.” Click here to visit listing on eBay