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Roland S-550

“This unit has been in our family since it was purchased new by my late step-father, who was a both a computer and music enthusiast. It was used in his home studio where it was very well maintained. It was secured high on a professional keyboard stand away from the floor where dust and dirt could get inside. At the time, he was using an Apple IIgs with a Passport MIDI interface for his work, but other general MIDI software packages work too. To provide the best picture of its condition, we have provided internal pictures of the logic board, power supply, analog board, and the R5-IF Hard Disk Interface SCSI option, which he installed himself. Everything inside is very clean for a device of this vintage. The circuit boards have been air dusted. The power supply, transformer, and heat sinks were lightly brushed and air dusted to remove particles. Cosmetically, it is near-mint condition. Functionally, all user controls, LEDs, front display, and diskette drive work perfectly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay