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Roland MC-4

“here im selling the roland mc-4 mega sequencer as used by vince clarke of course

if you know this unit you propably heard that this is most comprehensive cv gate sequencer ever build

it can potentially do just about anything from a small filter sequence to switched on classical

these units for some reason always suffer from lots of speckled marks and rust on the control surface

as you can see this paricular one is in impeccable good condition i would say collectors standard ?

its in fully working order without any issues

its a japanese 100v version so i throw in the converter a small white box

i will consider reasonable offers but this is a reluactant sale and these are shooting up in price becoming very rare now

a peice of info there is now a software to save and load sequences into the mc4 ive not tried it myself but its supposed to be very exiting” Click here to visit listing on eBay