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Moog Minimoog Model D with Moog 1125

“Moog minimoog Model D – 1974 with Super Rare 1125 Sample-Hold Controller. Everything is functional and was recently professionally serviced.

1974 Minimoog model D, Serial 3548. Recently professional serviced, with:
-Keys leveled and bushings replaced
-All contacts, switches and pots cleaned
-Replaced power cord

Includes flight case and ORIGINAL owner’s manual with schematics and sound charts.

INCLUDES SUPER RARE (only one other on the market) 1125 Sample-Hold Controller, Serial 1927. I have only seen two others of these in the last 5 years.
The 1125 generates random/staircase waveform patterns and samples/holds your creation!
The 1125 can be used with the Minimoog Model D, Micromoog, Multimoog, Polymoog, Sonic Six, and Moog Modular system” Click here to visit listing on eBay