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Gentle Electric Model 101

“This unit powers on, but has been UNTESTED besides that. It shows VERY little signs of use and is in GREAT condition. I do not have the proper musical equipment to test it, but it came from a university environment and has been stored in a cool, dry area for nearly 35 years. This unit is VERY RARE!

The Gentle Electric Model 101 Pitch & Envelope Follower is one of the (if not the) nicest Pitch and Envelope Follower modules ever made. It broads some very interesting and unique features and could be a special weapon in your studio.

1Volt/Octave CV outputs (trimmable on the front panel).
Both Linear and Log Envelope CV Outputs.
Gate and Trigger (Re-trigger level control on panel) Outputs.
Mic and Line Inputs (the Preamp have an output as well).
Hold function can be selected by a switch, a foot pedal or by incoming CV.
There is a built-in Compressor…which kill all dynamics, and output 10V peak to peak. Very cool with drum machines, or feedback,etc.
There is a special Audio Pulse Wave output, which is determined by the fundamental of the incoming frequency, it’s Pulse Width is relative to the incoming signal. Very nice for ”signal doubling” effects.

The item in the pictures is what you will receive and is being sold AS-IS with no returns!” Click here to visit listing on eBay