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Chroma Polaris II Project Machine

” Great deal for those looking for a bunch of (expensive) vintage parts or a repair project.

See pictures, exterior has some oxidation spots, but insides are clean and pristine. It powers on, but freezes up.

Everything inside is in there, including the DAC, VCA/VCF CEM chips, and Dual VCO CEM chips, and all PCBs, which are all expensive parts!

Unlike the other ones on eBay, this one has its sliders caps so is truly 100% Parts Complete.

That said, this is sold as Non-Functional, As-Is, so while it does power on now (see pics) I’m selling it for Parts Only and will not guarantee it powers on after shipping it.

There are worth nearly $3000 in working condition, go get your inexpensive synth project here!

I don’t have time to work on it, so my loss is your gain…

Bonus: I will throw in a free carrying case (soft case with hard foam) free with your purchase.” Click here to visit listing on eBay