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ARP 1621 Sequencer

“Sequencer is in “good” condition for it years.

As seen in the pictures is a VERY LOW Serial Number 86.

This unit belonged to Patrick Moraz of the bands “YES” and “The Moody Blues”
It was given to me during the time I worked with him 25ish years ago.
He is also pictured on the original Manual Art.

Has a as far as I know one of a kind “Twin Gate BUS MOD”. See picture with original sticker of work done in England,

I don’t fully remember what the Twin Gate BUS MOD did, but I believe it allowed for 1/32 notes.
I cannot find any documentation to prove it though.

I have no way to “FULLY” test the device anymore.
It powers on and I can step through the sequence.” Click here to visit listing on eBay