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Baldwin Syntha-sound Project Machine

“We bought this broken synth while our tech was on vacation. We’ve had nearly all vintage synths but never had one of these, so we were pretty excited about buying one for the collection, or at least playing with for a while until we got tired of it. So we emailed our tech and he was like “yeah, sure, I can fix it, no prob”…..until he returned from vacation and we took a close look at it and discussed what it would take to get it up to our high standards, which, admittedly, are way higher than most. Considering the amount of time and money we would have to invest in fully refurbishing it to meet our standards and the fact that we have much more important items to deal with here that require time we haven’t got, we are offering this unit strictly as is. Our price reflects what we have invested in it so far. We would only recommend this Synthasound to someone experienced in the repair of such items, as either a fixer-upper or a parts donor. Included in this sale will be the nearly impossible to find service manual and replacement knobs we purchased when we thought we were going to keep it and restore it ourselves. This unit is untested, so we can’t provide a description of what’s wrong with it. Please look closely at the photos before purchasing.” Click here to search for synths on eBay