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ARP Quartet

“ARP Quartet Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer.

I bought this originally because the string sounds from it were used on several records that i like. It’s a pretty simple little synth but it sounds every bit of the 1970’s that it should. I haven’t used it in ages but remembered when i hooked it up to take some photos for eBay i found that the ‘honky tonk’ slider does absolutely nothing (i think it’s fair to assume that particular sound is horrific…). All the other presets and blends seem to be working fine. Polyphony and keys are fine too. The brass ‘attack’ and ‘briliance’ are quite hit and miss so i expect that those could do with a clean.

I’m only selling this because i’m (reluctantly) trying to scale my studio down ahead of a house (and studio) move. This ARP spends most of it’s time sitting on it’s side with a couple of other synths and i just feel it would enjoy a slightly more frequent deployment elsewhere.

Selling as is, and not taking returns given it has a couple of niggles and tbh i have generally steered clear of eBay of late thanks to the number of sham buyers and scammers making it a drag. Sold in good faith as a decent wee synth probably needing a little TLC….!” Click here to visit listing on eBay