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ARP Quartet

“The ARP Quartet was a rebadged Siel Orchestra – a very versatile analog 49 note polyphonic synthesizer from 1979. While the settings may look fairly simple, a complex array of sounds can be created via different combinations of presets, an LFO, ADSR, a two pole voltage controlled filter, and triple analog BBD delay lines as found in the ARP String Ensemble/Solina, ARP Omni 1 & 2, and ARP Quadra.

Mix and match between any combination of the four tone color families (Brass, String, Organ, Piano), eight instrument presets (Trumpet, Trombone, Cello, Violin, Organ, Celeste, Piano, and Honky Tonk), and several settings that are available depending on your combination of instrument families. Please view photos and research this vintage equipment on its versatility tremendous sounds made in Italy. Thank you very much”
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