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ARP Pro Soloist

“This iconic analog synthesizer with its fat ladder filter and expressive assignable aftertouch effects is the sound of 1970’s Genesis. This synthesizer is in pristine condition, includes a vintage tolexed case, and has just been lovingly restored by Synthchaser, the expert on these instruments.

I (Synth Chaser) have extensive experience repairing these instruments and have seen more than my fair share of Pro Soloists. This is hands down the nicest Pro Soloist I’ve come across to date. It is in excellent condition inside and out, and I’ve given the electronics a thorough and detailed restoration to make this a worthy addition to the most elite collections of vintage analog synthesizers. Restoration work included:

* New sliders

* All original slider caps present! A rarity in itself!

* New aftertouch sensor – The original aftertouch sensors are a common failure point and the aftertouch effects are what makes this synthesizer so expressive–I replaced the aftertouch sensor with a new long-lasting one to ensure the aftertouch will work for years to come.

* Power supply recapped

* All reasonably accessible tantalum capacitors replaced

* New power cord

* New key bushings

* Keybed leveled, bus bars and key contacts cleaned and adjusted, keys ultrasonically cleaned

* All voices working and sound correct!

* All touch sensor effects working!

* 1/4” Phone Jack output made “high”. These synthesizers originally came with a RCA jack as the high output and a 1/4″ jack as the low output. As most of my customers do not use RCA cables and prefer the high output, I’ve made the 1/4″ jack output high as well which is a common modification requested by my customers. This modification can be undone by cutting 1 wire.”
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