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ARP Omni 2

“Vintage Arp Omni-2 analog synthesizer. Unit powers up, and sometimes makes sound, but not always.

I actually had this serviced by Steve Stoeckel in Charlotte North Carolina a couple years ago. He’s an authorized and trained ARP repairman. You can find Steve on Facebook, he’s an avid poster and has a lot of great information if you’re interested. He Even has the certificate from his ARP training.

steve cleaned and serviced this unit and got it up and running. it sounded great, but I stored away, and now it’s not working like it used to. I am assuming it would not take a lot to get it back up and running. When it did work, it sounded awesome! I hate selling it, but somebody who appreciates this unit and can work on it should have it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay