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ARP Axxe

“This is an Arp Axxe vintage analog synthesizer.
It sounds beautiful! (check out the video). I owned all three versions of the Axxe and in my opinion this one is the best sounding one.

Overall in a good working condition with a few small issues so please read carefully.

A couple of the sliders don’t track very well – I believe it’s the S&H slider, the pulse width and the filter modulation LFO slider. They will not change values until reached a certain point so if you wanted these to work perfectly, they will need to be cleaned or replaced.
One of the keys occasionally doesn’t track well. I believe it’s either the high A or A flat. (forgive me, I should have wrote it down when demoing).

Please be aware that this is a 50 years old synth and as expected, some of the sliders might move less smooth than others. Same goes to the touch of keys). ” Click here to visit listing on eBay