Korg DW-8000

“Korg DW8000 Classic polyphonic synthesizer. 1985. Fully working. Lovely condition. Been looked after well. Had this since 1990’s. 8 note poly synth with aftertouch. This is a hybrid synth because it uses digital single cycle waveforms to trigger the digitally controlled analogue oscilators. As well as the usual saw, square, tri .its got approximations of other instruments which gives it more scope for sonic variation. the filters are powerful self resonating analogue with its own character. This synth can sound big dark and deep. Has loads of editing parameters with full midi control. also has a lovely arpeggiater. Manual and original power cord.”
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Korg DW-8000

“Vintage Korg DW-8000 synthesizer.

In perfect working condition. Internal battery was recently replaced. Includes power cord, soft case, manual & program sheet. Some of these patches are custom made. Nice fat sounds. This is an Eight voice poly-phonic hybrid digital-analog 61 note keyboard instrument released in 1985. Totally programmable by using numeric codes to changes the parameters (synth/voice, tone.etc.) This is highly regarded as being Korg’s first knob-less synthesizer.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg Delta

“Korg Delta Paraphonic Analogue Synthesiser. Beautiful condition just serviced.

Lovely Korg Delta in great condition. Fully working. Just had major service including extensive re-cap and filter chip replacement. All potentiometers cleaned and lubricated.

Cosmetically great as well with very few marks and exceedingly clean. Only real signs of wear are the numbers around one of the knobs and the few scratches on the back.

Comes with original genuine Korg Delta case and even the card overlay that came with it when new to show what controls do what.”
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Korg MS2000B

“Korg MS2000B Synthesizer

Analogue-modelling synth from KORG (c. 2005), as used by the likes of Depeche Mode, Röyksopp, Jean-Jacques Perrey and countless others…

Very useful piece of kit with a 16-step mod sequencer, vocoder, 49-key semi-weighted keyboard, MIDI In/Thru/Out, two assignable pedal inputs and two 1/4 jack audio inputs (for running guitars etc. through the filter section), as well as two 1/4 outputs.

Includes power supply, gooseneck vocoder mic, manual and a sturdy metal flight case. Has a custom sound set installed at the moment but can revert to ‘factory’ settings if desired. (If of interest I will also include a usb drive with sysex files for several preset libraries, including the default factory sets for this model, the earlier MS2000 and the MicroKorg, plus various others. If you want this please drop me a message at checkout.)

Synth is in full working condition and generally in good nick, although please note there is some scuffing to the black casing on the front panel underneath the keys (see pics). Also the mod wheel feels a little looser than it used to but still works as it should, and the windshield on the vocoder mic isn’t the original one (but hey, it does the job!). Flight case has some outer wear but is in fairly good condition.”
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Korg MS-20

“Rare and original vintage 1970s KORG MS-20 Monophonic Synthesizer. UK 240v Serial No 140877.

This appears to be an early serial number and whilst there is a screw above the VCA graphic centre panel, there is no OTA filter ‘daughter’ board (see photos).

I believe this to have the Korg35 VCFs & not the OTA filter making it a Mark I. Either way, both Mk I & MK II MS-20s are epic.

Whilst untested, this in a good clean condition, it turns on & appears to function as intended but please NB this is a VINTAGE machine and is SOLD AS SEEN.

It has been stored indoors for the last 30 years. Inspection & testing are suggested & welcomed PRIOR to purchase as I CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS. As with any vintage machine, this would benefit from a full service and is priced accordingly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg DSS-1

“Up for sale is a very nice Korg DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer W/ Sampling Disk Excellent Condition! It has very Light Use! Comes from a clean non smoking home. Comes with a hard case but the inside foam is falling apart so it needs to be fixed but it will help it for shipping. Local pick up preferred because it’s very heavy and would need a bike or tv box for shipping. I can send a video sample of it working if you would like. Power cord included but the stand is not included. It has the original disk protector that’s included. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg X-911

“Korg X-911 guitar synthesizer everything works!

This is a 1980’s attempt at something we do much better today with a pedal, but it’s cool for it’s quirky interface and it has the heart of a MS-20 filter and voicing in it. Plus it is now controllable with the Arturia Keystep 37!

It takes an audio input and processes it to generate a pitch voltage and envelope… using it to trigger two separate voicing sections which share the same oscillator. One is called Instrument and the other Synthe… you basically add the presets up on each side and blend them with the Balance slider. Each one has an adjustable filter setting or attack/release with the mini knob. You even get portamento which you can footswitch along with a hold function and interval jump.

It is only OK as a guitar synthesizer (it does work, I used a compressor in front) but it ROCKS as a mono keyboard filter unit or for running drum machines through… vocals can work but are iffy… don’t expect vocoding. I used a Fender Rhodes which worked well, so a Rhodes patch should too. Note it also puts out this voltage and trigger, but it’s Korg standard. It is monophonic, so the ‘voices’ are really just filtering the same oscillator in different ways. It is only good for tracking along about two or three octaves at most through the audio input, but tracks well if CV in is used over several octaves.

It does have CV and trigger in and out but they’re a weird Korg Hz/V standard, not normal 5V linear. So this will work with a Kork MS20 as an expander, or Korg Sigma/Delta/Lambda or even the PS3xxx series if you have a super studio! But not anything else.


If you have an Arturia Keystep 37 (not sure about any other Keystep controllers but I ran mine with a 37) you can use it as a controller and arpeggiate or sequence in addition to just playing from it, or even control the filter or LFO with a couple of cables! This is a blast and the killer app for this little gem. If you have the Keystep now this is a great add… if not and you get this at least try one with it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha RX5

“Yamaha RX5 Digital Rhythm Programmable Drum Machine plus User Handbook.
Will accept The Yamaha RAM4 Data Cartidge ( not supplied)
Also will accept the Yamaha Waveform Data Cartridge (not supplied)
Yamaha power supply PA-1210 supplied with unit” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS20M

“Yamaha CS-20M Vintage Analogue Synthesizer.

Good working condition, everything works as it should and sounds absolutely brilliant.

Rare to find these and this particular model is fitted with the same filter type as the CS-80. It sounds very unique!

A few chips in the woodwork but nothing that really spoils it, just a sign of over 40 years use being the workhorse it is!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX7

“Up for sale is our classic Yamaha DX7.

The unit has been recently serviced. This included recapping the power supply and also changing the suppression capacitor on the power input board.
Memory battery was changed and presets loaded.

Cosmetic condition is excellent overall. There are some marks and blemishes.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS30

“Up for sale is a great example of this vintage classic.

Its been recently serviced and thoroughly tested and all is working as it should be.

Cosmetic condition is excellent with only minor marks and blemishes.

Included as part of the sale is the original hardcase for the synth.

Its a 100v model so a step down power transformer may be required depending on your location.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX7

“Yamaha DX7 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard w/ Case & #3 Cartridge. Internal Battery is at 2.8v

So all the keys work and I went through the presets and all of them worked. The backlight for the display isn’t working. I don’t know how to use the functions. The volume knob works the pitch and the modulation work as well. I think it may need an internal battery but I’m not sure. I’m selling this working for parts or repair due to the light and me not being able to test all the functions properly besides the keys. I don’t want to hide anything but I want you to know that it does play nice and sound good. I took a close up of the chunk that’s out of the back corner. Other than that it’s in fairly nice condition. A little bit of tape residue here and there. The case is solid but the interior padding isn’t super protective so I’m going to add some extra protection when I ship it so it doesn’t move. It will get to you safely. I’m going to wrap the keyboard case and bubble wrap and then put it in a box.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TG55

“Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator rackmount multitimbral synthesiser synth circa 1992 with manual and voice card

Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator synthesiser synth (1992) plus manual and voice expansion card

Multitimbral sample based synth all working properly as far as I can test
Voice layering for rich and complex audio
Stereo and individual output routing for individual voices
240V permanently attached mains flex with UK 3-pin plug.

I used it in the mid 90s to extend my sonic palette and develop my MIDI programming skills.
Unsurprisingly, the available sounds are classic early 90s fare, and as you’d expect from Yamaha, the sound quality is excellent.
I’ve owned it since 1994(ish) and it’s been well used so it shows wear typical for an older instrument. Condition can be seen in photos
The original mains flex was far too short so it was extended to 2m long.
The lot also includes the original user manual and one voice expansion card.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TX802

“Rare Yamaha TX802 FM Tone Generator

2u Rack Mountable Two operator guide cards

Light Studio Use Only Since Purchase in 1997

Little Used Since New – Excellent Condition

Unused for sometime due to retirement.

Very rare to find one in this condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha SY22

“Yamaha SY22 Synth w/Road Case & Manual

I’m the 2nd owner of this thing, but I’ve had it for nearly 30 years. It works, but could use some minor repair. Details below.

You’ll need a new power supply. $20 on Amazon will get you a new 12V power supply adapter. The one included(a 10V, but it’ll take 10 or 12) with this has a short in the cable, and works most of the time, but is on its last legs.

As for actual repair needs, there appears to be just one:

The far left key(Low C/the last key on the keyboard) is dead. No sound is generated from this key. I can hear what sounds like a tiny screw rolling around inside the keyboard, so maybe that has something to do with it. Again, I’m not a technician, so I’ve been reluctant to dig into the guts of this thing.

Otherwise, all the sounds and functions are operational. The Vector Control still works great, and makes for some cool effects. It’s a little worn, but still in reasonably good shape, considering the age, and it’s seen almost no action for over a decade, so I think it’s mechanically sound, aside from the issues mentioned above.

It also includes a Roadie Case by Hybrid(probably worth $100 by itself), that’s remarkably sturdy, and still in great condition, along with the original manual. I’ll even throw in an X-brace keyboard stand, if you want it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TG33

“Yamaha TG33 tone generator Dynamic Vector Synthesis.

This item is used but works perfectly! There is cosmetic damage which you can see in pics but it does not hinder its performance and most are just scuffs and scratches.

Comes with power adapter ” Click here to visit listing on eBay