Yamaha DX11


In great condition for its age. Works perfectly and sound’s brilliant.

Does have a corner chip on the underneath bottom left of the synth (Pictured) and a couple scratches on the face but not too noticeable. Pitch slider is slightly bent to the right but does not effect the function at all and works as should and could easily be fixed.”
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Yamaha Tenori-On

“Yamaha Tenori On – Rare, Good Condition.

Comes with original box, manual and midi adapter cables plus UK AC adapter.

Superficial minor tarnishing or oxidisation of Aluminium casing, due to age. Meaning darker areas of aluminium and will happen to all Tenorions over time. This may be removable by using aluminium metal polish but I haven’t tried. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha FB-01 Project Machine

” The FB-01 is simply an inexpensive, 8 part multitimbral digital FM synth module. It’s a 4-operator synth similar to the DX9 or DX100. You will need an external MIDI system exclusive editor to edit the patches. This can be accomplished by a dedicated editor program like Unisyn, or by creating SysEx control messages within your sequencing program. The FB-01 has a lot of organ, piano, brass, bass, guitar, percussion, and lead sounds. Basically this is a good source of typical FM-sounds.

Notes – this is 120V model.
It’s not in great condition so I am selling it for spares or repairs only.
The transformer is a little noisy, but this does not effect the sound. It seems to run a little hot, but I have had it on for hours with no problems with my step down converter.

If you want to strip it down it contains these rare chips – YM2164 4 operator IC, YM3012 DA converter and 2x D4464C-15L RAM.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS01

・Body ・AC adapter PA-1 ・Soft case will be exhibited.
The thing reflected in the image becomes all.
There is a gully in the RESO-NANCE H/L changeover switch and a slight gully in the LINE OUT terminal.
The adapter jack is processed like the image.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha DX5

“Very early serial number #1001! Maybe the first one made???any experts here. I’ve done some research on how Yamaha stamped their synths back in the 80s…so far no luck. Did they start with 0001 or 1001?

Up for bid is the 1985 Yamaha DX5 in excellent condition. Close to “near mint” condition and probably one of the cleanest that you can find. This comes with the original receipt from the first owner who bought it in 10-5-1985 for $2889!

Unit shows just a few small nicks on the side panels and scratches in the bottom as seen in the photos. Other than that, it is in amazing condition. Fully functional, tested and works as designed. All controls works! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TX802

” This unit is in excellent condition. I am not the original owner, but it has clearly been well taken care of and appears to have been studio-kept it’s entire life — the rack tabs have a uniform slight bend (is this normal?), but everything else is excellent. Even the keys show no wear on the printing. The screen is still bright and great.

I replaced the backup battery in the unit and the memory cartridge last summer — no worries for dead batteries for at least another decade.

This unit also comes with the original kickstand that is often removed and lost when the unit is rack mounted.

And this unit has the very rare RAM 5 data cartridge. The RAM 5 is basically 4x the capacity of the RAM 4 (256 presets versus 64). The RAM 5 is hard to find compared to the abundant RAM 4’s that sell used typically for $100. As I mentioned, I changed the battery last summer in the cartridge and loaded quite a few presets into it and it works great.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 600. Currently in stock configuration but can be supplied with or without GliGli mod, latest update and patch set – contact me to discuss details

I’ve owned this beast of a synth since the late 90’s and had it serviced around 5 yeas ago before putting it in storage for safe keeping. 

Perfect working order and v good aesthetic condition (some minor wear and tear on chassis and wooden end cheeks – please see the photos).

I have the GliGli CPU upgrade configured and ready to be installed but have left it in original configuration so you have the choice of experiencing it as it was setup in the factory but can have GliGl mod installed before sale if required and/or can supply the upgrade parts in a separate package so you can install/uninstall it at your leisure.”
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Sequential Circuits Pro-One

“Something very special. Fully customised Pro-One, featuring the following:

– Fully custom walnut casing 

– Kenton midi kit 

– Brand new fentar keyboard 

– Pro 5 pot and button upgrade

– Fully serviced 

All of these upgrades cost well over £1,000. What you’ve got is an absolute classic updated for the modern producer and looking gorgeous.

I will guarantee the item against functional defects for 3 months. Due to nature of the item I will only repair any defects subject to fair use.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

“I am a veteran collector over decades only kept the best condition stuff. I have now decided to sell part of my collection.Anyone interested in a classic Prophet 5 in the best possible/ridiculous condition should take a close look at pics… As a long time collector I *only* kept the best condition stuff over decades of collecting. All of my gear including this has been in storage for decades and looks similar to the day it was originally sold. No issues whatsoever.

I wasn’t actually planning on ever selling this but life changes. It’s absolutely flawless physically, is the last rev which means it’s the most stable and yet sounds incredible. It does not have midi but I also have the best possible Kenton midi kit available to install on it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise DPO

“Make Noise DPO – Complex Oscillator – Dual VCO.

Module works great except for the Shape pot. It can be crackly and cuts out when moved. Could do with the pot being swapped out which I’ve just not had the time to do, so selling as Parts/not working. Great module when not using the Shape knob!”
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Siel PX Jr

“Siel PX Jr.

Analog synth piano from Italian synth manufacturer Siel. In great condition and sounds great. The chorus sounds especially good. A fantastic mid 80s keyboard. Collection preferred but will post. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

“OP-1 is the all-in-one portable synthesizer, sampler and controller. with additional features like usb audio, a built-in FM radio and an assignable G-force sensor for motion controlled effects, there’s nothing quite like it. Everything is in mint, like-new condition with original packaging and accessories.

Auction includes the following:

OP-1 Synthesizer with Box, USB Cable and Rubber Bands (used for closing box) – Retail $1399
OP-1 FM Radio Antenna (Required for sampling FM Radio frequencies) – Retail $19
Teenage Engineering + Unit Portables Limited Edition Carrying Case – Retail $69”
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Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser

“This listing is for a fresh 2022 build of the Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser, featuring a super-deluxe Van Daal Electronics Compact Phasing ‘X’ enclosure, original-spec incandescent bulbs, low-tolerance film capacitors, Alpha pots, and genuine Neutrik jacks. The rear switches for LFO/Manual and 2/4/6-stage selection are special short-actuator Taiway brand. The phaser been tested fully working and ships calibrated with the IEC power cable required for operation.”
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Casio CZ-101

“Casio CZ-101 Vintage Synthesizer.

It has been tested it and is working.

I have restored all the original factory presets.

It is clean and in great shape for its age.

Does not include power adapter but you can use batteries or a standard boss pedal type 9V adapter or a OneSpot adapter, they are easy to find.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“I’m selling my XT; we’re moving and I can’t take it with me. I love this synth. It’s a massive orange wavetable beast.

Capable of awesome pads, leads and basses, plus crazy textures and soundscapes.

Never dropped, moved, or otherwise mistreated. Non-smoking studio. All of the knobs work, and I have a few extra knobs as well. All outputs work and are buzz-free. Input works. MIDI works. Comes with a power supply.”
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