Sequential Circuits Pro One

“This is a Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer.
I am including a DI box in the package (as this eliminates audio hum).

The main circuit board was built in April 1982.
The serial number on the board and the one on the casing don’t match, which would suggest to me that the synth is a combination of two previous synths.
I have made a few improvements / fixes to the synth since I bought it:
A complete clean inside and out. All switches have been cleaned as have all key contact points.
Some capacitors have been replaced.
An internal ribbon has been replaced (bought from Wine Country Productions Inc).
I have bought wooden end cheeks for the synth, since these were missing.
I have also replaced a mod wheel (which was broken) with a clear acrylic wheel.
There is audio hum. Apparently, this is a very common feature of the Pro One and is due to a ground loop (an original design oversight).
The DI box eliminates the hum, and this is why I am providing the DI box with the synth.
I’ve tuned the synth using the variable resistors (pots). The tuning is pretty good across the keyboard, but will no doubt need readjusting from time to time.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

” Sequential Circuits – Prophet 600 synthesiser with brand new Gligli Update.

The Prophet has just had a service and MOT from Andy at Synthprof (I shall include the receipt £360 in the sale) and is future-proofed for your peace of mind.

Comes in new custom hardcase. Synth is fully working and is in unbelievable condition with only tiny blemishes, to be honest it looks like it just left the factory.

The pictures should say it all…What a thing to find one in this condition, Gligli firmware updated, serviced and future-proofed by Synthprof.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Pro One

” Retro Gear Shop is a high-end boutique store located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sequential Circuits Pro One #1015
For sale is a rare vintage Sequential Circuits Pro One analog monophonic synthesizer. This is a great synth that sounds excellent. Phat basses, leads and effects with a simple but fun built in arpeggiator and sequencer. This one is in excellent shape and fully functional. This is the more desirable J-wire keyboard version. A classic awesome mono-synth and worthy addition to any collector’s or sound designer’s studio.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

” Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev3.2 with MIDI + new key OEM Bushings + spare DAC 71 Chip. Excellent condition. Fully functional. Serial Number 3069

Includes original manual, power cord, spare authentic Burr Brown DAC 71 chip, and all replaced components completed throughout its maintenance. All maintenance receipts included for your records as well.

All buttons, knobs, wheels, display, and inputs work. Some pots have slightly more resistance than others – but all work completely. This is the original wood of course, which looks great. Keyboard action is wonderful and responsive. All badges are original. Underside has some scratches, which is cosmetic and how it looked when I originally purchased it in 2001.

Maintenance Record:
2009 = performed major overhaul of all controls by Davidson Electronics. Replaced missing screws. Resoldered numerous poor and weak connections.
2010 = Prophet 5 Factory MIDI Kit from Wine Country purchased.
2010 = Spare Burr Brown DAC-71-CSB-I D/A Converter chip purchased to ensure longevity and future proof.
2013 = Installed MIDI kit, tested all functions, installed and configured all NEW key OEM bushings. Fully tested. All work by Davidson Electronics.

Prophet will be shipped in a double wall cardboard box internally wrapped in bubble wrap plus peanuts for ultimate protection.
Double wall cardboard box was purchased locally from Packing Supply Depot ( If you are in/close to the 11803 area code I am happy to do local pickup.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Odyssey

“No Reserve. Service to restore alone was over $1000 plus the original purchase of the ARP Odyssey 2800 – mk1ORIGINAL black & Gold – All New LED Sliders Pro-Serviced w/Restoration by Synthchaser. The second version but first version with color change. I love this but decided to reduce my collection. Professional service completed by the best in California and include all new LED sliders. Fully Serviced to perfection New filter replacement and all new LED sliders installed all new bushings for the keys. You cant buy and service one and upgrade the led sliders with this special method used to provide perfect illuminated slider allignment. Used condition. 1st version in black & gold. No CV ,Works as new and has such a beautiful appearance with cosmetic marks on back side but functions as expected . Carefully packaged and shipped for successful arrival.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu SP1200 Project Machine

” Emu SP1200 Sampling Drum Machine “AS IS” For Parts Or Repair.

This auction could be perfect for some one looking to have a unit customized, and repaired, or some one that is handy with a soldering iron and electronics.

Unit powers on and is capable of running for extended amounts of time
The unit can run a systems diagnostic test which shows the following:
Some drum pads, push buttons, and a few led lamps are not working
The sliders are working and register input, but they are sticky and “the numbers jump”
Sound Memory test is “OK”
Ram test is “OK”

Other defects include:
all casing screws missing
cracked fiberglass front casing
bent metal to the rear panel of unit
the unit has some rusting to raw, untreated, and unpainted galvanized metal surfaces” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Studio Electronics SE-1

“This is a previously owned and used Studio Electronics SE-1. The SE-1 exhibits some cosmetic wear such as a the partially broken shaft on the Release knob in the Envelopes section of the module. Slight wear such as rack wear can also be seen on the unit but overall the module is in good condition. The SE-1 is fully functional and operates as intended.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Jen SX 1000

“Jen Elettronica SX 1000 1979 Analogue Synth.

Very rare vintage analogue from Jen in Italy. Super weird unique sound.

Good cosmetic condition apart from coloured discs missing from some of the pot knobs (see picture)

Some crackles audible on output – sounds like a crusty pot, does work, if I was buying I would have it serviced before using in my synth emporium. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Access Virus b Project Machine

“The synth seems to work at first, but after 30 minutes the screen goes blank and the synth becomes unusable. All original capacitors have been replaced with Nichicon for better sound before this problem. The synth was sent for diagnostics and was told the problem is that one of the circuit lines to one of the chips is not getting enough proper voltage, which could be a bad capacitor connection. I dont want to invest in repair which could be simple to a pro. My loss is your gain.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio CZ-3000

“Casio synthesiser. Powers on fine one key is unresponsive, The display is in good condition. Someone decided to fit an new battery pack on the bottom to hold the basic sounds (see photos) also marks on the bottom of the keyboard but does not effect the performance. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K1m

Used in good condition, never gigged only used in my home studio.

Unit has a very bright backlight LCD display and comes with the original AC Adapter. Included is a photocopy of the rare and hard to find “Sound Making Book” by Bob Maetas.

I will also include a CD-ROM with the Original Manual, Wave List and Hard to find Service Manual (just in case), I will also include my folder of Kawai K1 sound patches in SysEx format.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kurzweil 1000 SX

“This string expander module has some great string sounds, especially the low bass section and the high strings. Some of the solo sounds are just average. I’m the original owner. I used it extensively in the late 80’s through 2004 on numerous commericals and multi-media projects. I left the biz in late 2004, and it’s been mounted in a rack in my smoke-free, personal use studio since then. It’s mostly been left powered off. I don’t recall if the display ever had a backight, I don’t believe it did. However, if it did, it certainly doesn’t any more. The display is readable in a well lit room from the right angles. I’ve tested it, and it’s working great and still sounds great. It includes the original manual, which in itself is quite a novelty. I’m selling it because I’m unlikely to write music any more, and it’s time for this module to find a new home where it can be put to good use.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Oberheim Matrix 6R

“I’m the original owner. Bought it some time in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Used it on various commercials and multi-media projects until around 2004, when I left the biz. It’s been sitting in a rack in my smoke-free, personal studio since then. It hasn’t even been powered up much in the last 17 years. It was in very good cosmetic condition, until I tried to clean the sticky residue from a label off the top left front the other day. That cleaning solution caused the finish to smear and look ugly. I’ve tried to provide several pictures and angles of that discoloration so that you can see it clearly. There’s also a light scratch in the upper right part of the display.
I’ve tested its operations, and it’s working great, midi connections and response are good, and it’s still got that fantastic Oberheim analog synth sound. I reset it to all the factory original presets. I even still have the manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq Fizmo

“This FIZMO is in near mint conditions considering its age showing minimal signs of wear hardly noticeable like for example: light surface scratches or scuffs but nothing major.

I am including a Radio Shack 9V Power Supply which is the one that works perfect with this specific Synth.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq SQ1

“Hi guys. I’m selling my Ensoniq SQ1 Synthesizer. One of the great vintage synths of from 90s in great condition. The display is a bit dim, and the keys have a yellow tint due to it sage, but works fine. Ensoniq are well known for producing top quality products, and this model is no exception. This also has a sequencer, and ram slot for additional sounds.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons Clap Trap

“Rare Vintage Simmons Clap Trap! FREE SHIPPING! The classic Simmons Clap Trap is a digital 8-bit EPROM-based (hand clap sample) with an analog noise and modulation sections used for generating synthesized clap sounds. The Clap Trap can be triggered a number of ways using it’s external ¼ inch trigger inputs or manually via buttons on the top of the unit. There is also an Automatic repeat trigger mode that triggers the Clap Trap synth with a user selectable retriggering rate. The “Auto” mode is extremely useful when designing a synthesized clap sound with the front panel controls. Another unique feature on the Clap Trap is a Humanizer button that adds subtle variations to the clap sample speed and duration giving the clap synth a more human feel when triggered.

This unit has been tested and works and sounds great! I’m the original owner and purchased it directly from one of the first Simmons sales reps, Reek Havoc, way back in the 1980’s when it first came out. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai AX-60

“Up for sale is our Akai AX60 polysynth upgraded with the essential Tauntek OS.

The new OS adds a number of enhancements to the synth. These include:

1) MIDI Sysex patch save and restore – saves or restores all patches in one operation (tape save/load works as before)

2) MIDI CC parameter changes are now supported

3) Non-volatile storage of MIDI channel setting and current patch

4) Slider code modified for smooth potentiometer operation.

5) Adjustable Unison de-tune feature. (Not active in split mode) (can be disabled)

6) Random arpeggiator mode instead of “play all notes” mode (can be disabled)

7) Arpeggiator up/down mode which doesn’t repeat the top and bottom keys (can be disabled)

8) Slow LFO mode which halves the frequency over the entire range of the LFO (can be disabled)

9) VCF resonance slider taper mod to move oscillation point up (overall range is not changed) (can be disabled)

10) ADSR slider tapers mod to increase effect in the lower part (overall range is not changed) (can be disabled)

11) MIDI clocking of arpeggiator with choice of 48,24,12, or 6 PPQ (can be disabled for internal or 1/4″ jack clocking)

12) Sustain mode can be activated using Arp Hold switch

13) MIDI Note velocity added to VCA EG Depth setting mode (but new setting also affects notes played on AX60, can be disabled)

The synth is fully tested and working as it should be. Recently serviced, work included replacing all the front panel tact switches, installing a new memory battery, lubing potentiometers.

Cosmetic condition overall is excellent. There are some marks and blemishes to the panel, the keys are nice clean, side panels in good condition.

The synth is a 100v model so a step down trandformer may be required depending on your location.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog Prodigy

“own a real bit of synth history the moog prodigy is a real classic this one is in amazing condition the side panels lost a bit of varnish but that can be redone and will look like one of the best prodigy’s around, just not getting used in the studio so its time to go to a new loving home.”
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Roland SH-1

“Roland Vintage SH1 With Original Flight Case And Manual.

The SH1 is an original mono synth by Roland from 1978. It comes with original Roland flight case and manual.

The flight case is missing one of the bottom stands – see photos.

The manual is missing the cover and some of the pages have come away from the binding.

The keyboard has a slight crack on the back of its case which does not affect performance in any way. – see photos.

Works well have never had any problems. Selling due to needing space in studio and not really using it much.

Has an envelope follower function which I have used with electric guitars which sounds great. ”
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Roland Promars MRS-2

“The Promars is a genuinely underrated synth. Conceived as a monophonic version of a Jupiter, it is capable of some really thick sounds. It has a second oscillator that the Jupiter lacks as well as a great filter.

This is in working order, though I have never tried using the cv and gate inputs. It is a little dirty and the screw heads are pretty rusty but this is cosmetic.

It does include the original music stand and manual as well as the Roland hard case for protecting it. The Promars is a 100v Japanese import so you will need a step down voltage converter.”
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Roland Juno 106

“I’ve had this synth for the last 8 years and it has been kept in air conditioned studios or at home.

I bought it in 2013 and then had it serviced and refurbished by Cyberwave EMS (, who repaired all 6 voice chips, fitted a new battery, and replaced some sliders.

It has a minor, rare issue with the display which makes it a little harder to read. It’s been this way since I have had it, makes no difference to the sound and easy to operate regardless.

The middle C key does not work. Other than this the synth plays great, so many killer classic sounds and great fun to play and customise.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-70

THERE NO MANUAL, CARD OR STAND WITH THIS SYNTHESIZER. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay